Tuesday, 4 October 2011


  1. I really love your style ! Great kombination ... denise

  2. You look pretty with your outfit. Its simple and comfy to wear. We also like your vintage ring. Its beautiful. :)

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  3. Hi, really nice blog! :)
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  4. I adoreee your boots! I'd love to know where they're from as I'm really after some like these! Just haven't found the perfect pair! x

  5. Amazing outfit, I like the accessoire very much!

    I'm following you, nice blog! Visit mine, there's a giveaway on it :)

  6. Cute ring and bracelet!
    x fashionnerdic

  7. You have such an amazing style and you are sooo beautiful i am wondering why dont you do more post about yourself! wonderful outfit..iam following you! I hope u want to visit my blog someday so we can keep in touch!
    Farah www.2-gitanas.blogspot.com


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