Thursday, 22 December 2011

So as you all know,I'm living far far away from my family,in another city,in another country :) I'm actually from Baku(Azerbaijan),but I have been studying  and living in Istanbul  for 4 years.So every Christmas break my family comes to visit me.And they are here now!I'm so happy,as you all can understand.I love spending time with my mom.She is my BEST friend.I always love talking with her about everything,and her advices always work :D

I actually hate fur vests,but I LOVE wearing it on the leather jackets.It makes amazing combination.SO I bought this fur vest(fake OF COURSE) from Topshop and now Im wearing it with my favorite Zara jacket!And thanks to my mom,she bought me those amazing Topsohp boots with zips on the both sides!
And the most important part is MY BRAND NEW GIVENCHY NIGHTINGALE bag!Gosh,I'm in love with it!

my one and only ONE!my love-mom!:)


  1. ikinizde cok güzelsiniz !!
    ama annen gercekten cok hos cok kibar bir bayana benziyor !!!
    peki istanbulda tam olarak ne okuyosun ?
    adin ne merak ettim seni enteresan buldum.. kac yasindasin? =)

  2. wow! very beautiful the pink sweater!!!!! :) I'm following

    Check my blog and follow me if you like :)


  3. love your bag! :D

  4. ne kadar güzel bir bölüm okuyosun..
    sana bu konuda basarilar diliyorum yolun acik olsu !
    istanbula geldigimde görüsmek isterim seninle =)

  5. i love this outfit! :)) the pink sweater looks really cool

  6. Beautiful sweater and the color ... Wonder!

  7. Great colour combo and your Mom is so pretty! :)


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