Saturday, 31 December 2011


Hey sweethearts!How are you today?So,are you ready for 2012?:) Hope 2012 will be awesome for all of you!Enjoy your life <3 LOVE YOU ALL!
I wanna show some of the present I received today :) 

 My second Balenciaga in black!TOTTALLLYY IN LOOOVE

OMG!Can't be happier <3

and mirror by Chanel <3

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Going out.

I wanna show you  some make up,which I usually do when I'm going out :)
Generally,I don't use much colors on my face.Especially,I.... HATE!!! eye shadows.I don't use it.I prefer eye liner :)

Chanel foundation.It almost over.Got to buy a new one :)

                                                MY ONE and only!Diorshow  Extase Mascara by Dior.It is really amazing!

                                            Dior  crayon eyeliner waterproof.

                    AND my favorite piece.Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat highliter(3)

I have a huge collection of lipsticks,and I can't understand why am I continue buying them :D Those are some that I use frequently.

                                              The best parfume ever! for me of course :))))

and another one <3 LOVED!

Stuck on Fuckin YOU!

I woke up very early today, randomly chose my clothes,put them on and went to do my errands and then went to the university.I did not intend to take pictures,but we passed by my FAVORITE! place so I had to take some pictures for YOU :)
By the way, Lady Gaga's new Stuck on fucking you son is MY #1 now!!AHHH!FABULOUS!:)

Sunday, 25 December 2011

First of all,Merry Christmas everyone!The weather is not a "christmas"weather.It is sunny today,but its damn cold!I was freezing in this coat!haha :D
One of the best things on Christmas is christmas movies!Oh,every year at this time I'm sitting at home at the evenings and watching those movies!They give me that xmas spirit :D

Saturday, 24 December 2011


Yay!Finally it's snowing.And the weather is so cold :( ah,I DO HATE winter!!Its pretty dark and cold season!I love autumn more than any other season.Neither cold nor hot!:)
So,this is the outfit that I was wearing today!

Friday, 23 December 2011

Golden Nail Wrap

FINALLY!I've been looking for those nail wraps for soo long!And now I've found them in a market,and I was shocked!:D But,the thing is that I want a metallic ones now :D

Thursday, 22 December 2011

So as you all know,I'm living far far away from my family,in another city,in another country :) I'm actually from Baku(Azerbaijan),but I have been studying  and living in Istanbul  for 4 years.So every Christmas break my family comes to visit me.And they are here now!I'm so happy,as you all can understand.I love spending time with my mom.She is my BEST friend.I always love talking with her about everything,and her advices always work :D

I actually hate fur vests,but I LOVE wearing it on the leather jackets.It makes amazing combination.SO I bought this fur vest(fake OF COURSE) from Topshop and now Im wearing it with my favorite Zara jacket!And thanks to my mom,she bought me those amazing Topsohp boots with zips on the both sides!
And the most important part is MY BRAND NEW GIVENCHY NIGHTINGALE bag!Gosh,I'm in love with it!

my one and only ONE!my love-mom!:)

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